10 Great Ways to Reuse Your Old Toothbrush!

10 Great Ways to Reuse Your Old Toothbrush!

We’re all so busy that we sometimes forget about the little things in life. Changing our toothbrush is something that is often on the bottom of our list of priorities but a healthy mouth is dependent on using the right tools for the job. Dentists recommend that we change our toothbrushes at least every three months as after this time the wear and tear on the bristles and bacteria build up can make the brush less effective. So what do we do with the old toothbrush? Well, apparently over 80% of us keep them for some weird and wonderful reasons! Here are just a few:

Bathroom blitz – A toothbrush is the perfect tool for scrubbing tile grout, de-fuzzing the plug hole, scouring the base of taps or, if you’re really house-proud, buffing the hinges of your toilet seat!

Fishy business – Cleaning the fish tank isn’t the nicest of chores but a toothbrush helps makes light work of unclogging the filters and removing algae from ornaments and murky corners. It’s best to decontaminate the brush with fish-friendly cleaners before use though.

Perfect brows – A quick squirt of hairspray on the bristles of a toothbrush can be used to keep those shapely eyebrows in check.

A bit of sparkle – With bristles that are small enough to reach into tiny crevices but soft enough not to cause damage, toothbrushes are great for teasing grime from the nooks and crannies of delicate jewellery.

Hole in one – After a relaxing round of golf, get to work with your trusty toothbrush and your mud and grass-free clubs will be the talk of the fairway

Stepping out – A toothbrush is just right for removing mud (or more terrible things) from the tread of your favourite shoes.

Tidy toys – Frequent handling with grubby little fingers means children’s toys are a magnet for germs. With a toothbrush, some soapy water and a bit of vigorous scrubbing dolly and friends will be as good as new.

Spot on – Get rid of persistent clothing stains by using a toothbrush to rub washing liquid into the fabric.

On your bike – The word among cyclists is that a toothbrush is just right for getting into all those hard-to-reach gaps in a bicycle chain.

Mind the gap – The space around the keys on our computer keyboards can be home to an amazing (if not slightly embarrassing) amount of dirt. A few sweeps of toothbrush will keep it dust and crumb free!

So what are you waiting for? Swapping your old toothbrush for new will not only improve your oral health but it will leave you with a versatile tool for cleaning just about anything you can think of!

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