Go Green – Spring 2018

Take your spring cleaning outside!
With some tips on how to get the garden in shape for spending more time outside with the family

Spring is fast approaching, and in keeping with the season we’ve put together a guide to help tackle some maintenance issues that may have been over looked during the colder wetter months.

Glanmordy, Aberporth

Look for inspiration no further than the Cwtch Glanmordy in Aberporth. Their exposed coastal location is challenging for any exterior finish, which is why Osmo Country Colour in Dove Blue, White and Royal Blue was chosen for the wooden beach huts. Painted in October 2015 it is still looking great. Osmo country colour is biocide FREE so it’s kind to wildlife too!

Clean up mission – Exterior
Pressure washing is usually the first step for a lot of people looking to quickly clean exterior surfaces without realizing the damage it is doing. Washing too close and with too much pressure on wood, for example, can cause the surface to fur up. Instead of pressure washing we would suggest using Algon Organic Path and Patio Concentrate, it’s so simple to spray or brush on and there is no need to rinse off later. Simply apply and walk away. It will start to work immediately and will actively clean the surface progressively for months afterwards too. Algon is non-toxic so safe for use around pets and fish ponds. Can be used on brick, stone, wooden surfaces, patio and more!

Squeaky-Clean those Windows!
Use a 50-50 mix of white vinegar and water as a natural alternative to clean the windows. Rub it on with newspaper rather than cloth and work in the shade so it doesn’t dry out too quickly. Tip: Work on the outside first then the inside or you’ll never be able to tell if they’re actually clean or not.

Cleaning Grey & Weathered Timber
Outdoor furniture can last for years if it’s looked after correctly, we’ve had a decent amount of rain this winter and our wooden decking, timber cladding and garden furniture is showing it! To clean grey decking and fencing we would recommend using Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel, it’s a jelly-like formula designed to refresh greyed exterior wood. It’s is easy to apply – even on vertical surfaces. The gel penetrates the wood deeply and removes any grey patina. Re-applying oil will restore the fresh warm colour tone of the wood.

Brush those winter blues away
Winter weather can really take its toll on our wooden sheds, summer houses and doors. If you have bare wood, or if your old paint is flaking off so much you can easily remove it, we recommend Osmo Country Colour. It’s made with micro-porous oils that nourish the wood, allow the wood to breathe and gives exceptional resistance and durability.
Peeling paints a thing of the past!

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