6 Reasons To Advertise With YOUR LOCAL CROWD

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Local advertising has changed significantly in the last few years. Local Newspaper sales continue to fall, seeing the demise of many community papers and others are being taken over my the larger organisations, leaving local businesses often unable to reach their preferred audience. This has opened the way for independent local magazines such as Your Local Crowd to not only provide their community with relevant news, guides & listings, but also a platform for local businesses to promote themselves.

So here are 6 reasons why local advertising within Your Local Crowd works so well:

1. Your Local Crowd magazine is relevant to the area. Advertisers who appear in our magazines are often only a few streets away from their potential customers. Why look to a bigger national organisation to pay extra fuel and delivery costs when your local trade or business can do the job just as well. For this reason alone, it makes sense to support local.
2. You can see the face behind the business. Here at Your Local Crowd, we are part of the community, we visit and use individual businesses. We can recommend and endorse local having used these businesses, but by having a familiar face helping to promote your business, we build a relationship on trust.
3. Adverts get seen and acted on because a great number of people see them. We are out and about, continuously ensuring that our magazines are clearly visible in your area.
4. We use local contributors, who work, live and breath in the pulse of the local community. This reinforces the local content, making our magazine relevant to its readers.
5. Social Media, love it or hate it, there is no denying this is the way forward, giving anyone with a smart phone a constant stream of local information. Here at Your Local Crowd we are very active and responsive across social media. Again using these platforms to promote local business, events and jobs.
Our online presence works excellently alongside our printed products.
6. Digital, we have a fully interactive website, available for local businesses and individuals to advertise, upload relevant content, be it their business details into our directory, events onto our events board or articles to our blog page. We review and monitor all content before publishing but invite the local community to share their news and events with us in order to help spread the word further a field.

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Local advertising clearly works and we have testimonials to back that up.

You know your business better than anyone else but investing in local advertising is something that is often overlooked by some, often finding out too late that their local community was unaware of their existence.
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Your Local Crowd also have a design department with a fully qualified Graphic Designer with over 24 years experience of working in the industry, who is able to produce a variety of business services, from Logo Design to Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures and Leaflets.
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